5 Things You Need To Do To Succeed As An Introverted Business Owner

October 10, 2021

by Katia

SElf LOVE, Manifestation hypnotherapist & mindset coach

By Katia

Success Shadows™ & Trauma-Informed Coach + Hypnotherapist.

I help leaders heal their Success Shadows™ & create their dream life and businesses.

You might be aware that there are some successful people in the world and believe that most of them must be extroverts.

But it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Some really powerful, well-known, and successful people in this world paved a path to success (who are introverts).

You might know some of them… 

Rosa Parks, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, J.K Rowling, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Elanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, J.K Rowling, Hillary Clinton, Meryl Streep and Barack Obama, to mention just a few.

You see, you are in pretty impressive company, right?

But I’m sure you are wondering how exactly this personality trait can benefit you and your business, so let’s dive straight into how that may be!

How Being An Introvert Can Benefit Your Business

I want to help clarify that you don’t need to try to be different from who you are or ignore your boundaries by doing more things to succeed if that isn’t how your energetic barometer works.

You are created exactly as you should, and instead of running away from it, trying to change it or something else, the best thing you can do is accept it, celebrate your uniqueness and work with it. 

Believe me..

I’ve tried being on the other side of thinking that my introversion was a major abundance and success block, and I’ve tried to numb it and overwork my way out of it.

News flash: It didn’t turn out great. I ended up with severe burnout.

But now, as I’ve learned to work with it and rest when my body needs it, I’ve seen way more success than ever.

Because as a result of generally feeling better by listening to the cues I was given by my body, that restful energy and ease started to overflow into the work I was doing.

So here I will teach you some of my best tips for dealing with introversion without letting it spoil your business success!

Take time to recharge

The first point I want to make is also one of the most important ones.

Without that time to be alone, you will likely feel overwhelmed by your work, even if there isn’t that much on the agenda for the day.

But for introverts, taking time alone to recharge almost literally works as our way of being able to breathe.

I make sure to take just 5-10 minutes away for every hour I’ve worked to just lay on my bed and focus on my breathing.

Of course, there are days where I’m so caught up in what I do that stopping now would mean interrupting my train of thought.

But I try and stay conscious of the trance I go into when I’m working and remember to come back to the now and remember what is most important: Myself, my health and my energy.

Empathy and boundaries.

You might already be aware of your strong superpower: Having empathy for other people.

It’s almost also certainly why you’ve ever wanted to start your own business: To help people. 

But people can also take advantage of your good heart and soul, so you need to put boundaries in place in your business, both for yourself and the people you are working with.

That means being clear of when you can be reached and when you can’t (No DM’s after pm), standing firm on your prices instead of catering a lower price when you know how much value you bring and also putting boundaries in place for yourself of when you are working and when you are taking time to rest and recharge.

Communicate your needs

Nobody is a mind reader, and although you are quick to pick up on other people’s feelings, vibrations and emotions, it doesn’t mean that they can do the same thing as quickly.

You have to speak up and communicate your needs and your boundaries so that other people can meet you where you’re at.

I know how difficult it can be to speak up about this, especially if you’re first listening and trusting yourself and verbalizing your needs.

But I promise the right people will understand and give you that space without any hurt or anger towards you and encourage you to do it. 

Prepare your days in advance.

Nothing drains your energy as plans you didn’t see coming.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the dread of having plans sometimes, and all you want to do is cancel and stay home.

That is how it can be for introverts, just 10x more dread and exhaustion from just the thought of having to mingle and small talk.

Now imagine that dread flowing over into your business; Suddenly realizing you have a coaching call in 30 minutes you didn’t expect to have, having to quickly post a social media post because you forgot it the past few days or feeling stuck in your work because you don’t have the clarity you need of what you should be doing right now.

I think it’s needless to say that this scenario won’t work for your energy.

You can be spontaneous whenever you feel like it, but for your business success, you need to have things planned, be prepared and follow through on the work you said you were going to do. 

This will make the most significant difference in your success, when you know what to work on, for how long you’re going to do and when you will rest.

Trust me, your body and energy will THANK you for it!

Plan your business to work for you

I’m just going to take a “wild guess” and say that you probably didn’t start your business to have a schedule to stick to so you could earn some money and take care of your energy. 

Just because I’m encouraging you to be prepared and have a schedule, it doesn’t mean you can’t design your business to work for you.

I mean quite the opposite. 

I see many women trying to create a business in the way they’ve been told or encouraged by their business coaches.

But unfortunately, often, it is entirely out of alignment with them as a client.

They don’t want to have that massive energy-draining launch plan, to have to create videos, do a masterclass or sell their services in a way that feels icky. 

The good thing is, you don’t have to! 

Your business is meant to work for YOU.

Sure, you need to be a leader, provide value, show up and build connections, but no one said you need to lead a group program or have a massive launch.

You can do what fits and works best for you, such as deciding to solely working with x amount of clients each month, solely working 1:1, only launch a (new or current) offering once or twice a year like and turn your programs into pre-recorded materials.

Hence, you only have to do it once and even hire people or an assistant to delegate your workload. 

Most of these things are how I’ve decided to run my own business because it is what works for me.

I would never encourage you to do something that doesn’t feel aligned, cause dread for you or strips you of your energy. You have to do what feels right for you, not for anyone else.  

Fun fact: I once turned down doing a big launch that I had planned to launch worth 3000 pounds.

I decided instead to step away, realign my energy and “lose” the money because I was so severely burned out while trying to follow a business model I was given that didn’t work for me.

If you’ve ever been in similar shoes, know that your energy and health are your most important asset, not just in business. 

But being on top of what drains and gives you energy will hugely impact how successful you’ll be, so make sure you prioritize and take good care of yourself.

Nothing is more important than that.


I hope these tips will help you see that being an introvert isn’t going to make or break your success. You actually have so much to contribute with!

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If you have any questions, then let me know in the comments or write me an email! I’d be happy to help you further!

You might have thought that being an introvert holds you back in many areas of your life, the classic being: Socially. So how can you succeed in your business while still honouring yourself? I’ll share with you exactly how and why being an introvert in business is a good thing!

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