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(Basically.. a woman with a lot of knowledge + expertise!)

I'm Katia

Hey girl!

“You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want”

 - S.E Hinton

“You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want”

 - S.E Hinton

I didn't just hop on the first flight and found myself or my purpose. No, instead I had many detours and travelled down many wrong paths. All the way from the wrong career choices to abusive relationships, and even to the point where I at one point in my life had no place to live, no job, no belongings, nothing, except my dog in my arms and a long journey ahead to rebuild everything, including myself, from scratch.

So how did I find the strength to overcome that, you ask? 

It was due to my belief that I was destined for more and my absolute stubbornness and determination of getting myself up after every knock down, that I eventually found my way to here, and now, I am so excited to help you find your path to all the abundance and self-love that exist within you.

#DestinationBabe are for the woman who knows she is destined for MORE in life and are determined to get there! If that sounds like you, then you are per definition a true DestinationBabe!

DestinationBabe was born out of my own story and got brought to life from the moment I decided to move across countries. I was pretty miserable back in my home country and I've always had this "inner knowing" telling me that there had to be more in life for me outside of Denmarks borders.

But it wasn't until I met the love of my life, Steve, that I months later found myself on long journey towards a completely new destination (UK) where I would start a new life and truly begin to live the life I had always imagined for myself.

But this was not the sole reason for why I created this little magic-land on the internet. For one thing, I've always had a life-long interest in self-development
being someone who's struggled with my own doubts, fears and limiting beliefs.

I have spent almost all my adult years learning about mindset and mental health, because I since I was a teenager always wanted to improve the part of myself that was constantly anxious, scared of the world and never believed in herself, so I could one day become the version of myself I knew was inside of me all along.

I know what it's like to have life pass you by and not getting to experience and achieve all the wonderful things life has to offer because of a limiting mindset.
But luckily, I learned how to overcome them!

So now, I'm super excited to show you all the tools, shifts and magic you need, so you can put a tick next to your goals on that long list of dreams and wishes you have.

Destiny + Determination =

My story..

My story..

All my love,

Next stop: Your dream life!

My Favorite Things

Food, health & wellness! My boyfriend Stevie is the amazing plantbased cook - I mostly do the eating. His amazing tasty talents can be found right here: Vegan_Boards

my happy place!

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The Beach! And nothing beats the sunrises and sunsets of Brighton..

I'm that girl who owns 47 pairs of skirts, but are living in a climate where it's too cold to wear them for most of the year - but hey, we all have our passions in life! 

These two munchkins, Zoe & Ollie!

Animals - of all kinds. Before moving across countries, I lived, worked and took care of 150 animals at an animal sanctuary back in Denmark! 

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Travelling. Like the time I lived and worked for 4 months in Gran Canaria, Spain, during business school.

Visiting cute cafés and bakery's around Brighton! Addicted to cinnamon buns..

my guilty pleasure

Yoga! I'm actually a registered 200-hour Ashtanga, Hatha & Flow Yoga teacher!

My Favorite Things





Grey's Anatomy!


Becoming supernatural - J. Dizpenxa

Chocolate... always!



Anything with Selena Gomez

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EARLY mornings

eating out







late nights

home cooking




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