Five Signs That It Is Time To Revitalize Your Website And Get More Traffic

June 30, 2021

by Katia

SElf LOVE, Manifestation hypnotherapist & mindset coach

By Katia

Success Shadows™ & Trauma-Informed Coach + Hypnotherapist.

I help leaders heal their Success Shadows™ & create their dream life and businesses.

(But it is not necessary to start up your business with a website. That’s just icing on the cake in the beginning stages of your entrepreneurial journey)

But for you to build authority and trust with your audience, it is essential to have a cohesive brand throughout all of your platforms, including your website, so you can easily attract the right clients and customers who’ll fall in LOVE with your brand.

And guess what?

That’s never going to happen if you’ve treated your website like an old bottle of wine.

I can’t explicitly tell you how often you should make changes to your website, but I update my website once a week, especially with the content I put out

But to be completely honest with you.

I hadn’t updated my branding for my website in a few months before this week, and it looked like two completely different people running it if you took a look at my Instagram and compared it to my website. 

To me, this just seemed super unprofessional, so I spent an afternoon updating it and now here we are! 

So if any of the following few points resonate with you and your website, then it might be time to update it:

Your content is old

The first thing to take a look at is your content! 

If it’s outdated or you haven’t been posting new content on your website (and you don’t have a website with millions of visitors that circles on repeat), then you genuinely need to get back into content creation mode!

Your content is what draws people in the most. 


Because it is FREE, and it’s a super quick way for your audience to get the help they need in a matter of minutes.

If you have a blog especially, you will know how important SEO is for your website and that your content needs yearly updating to still thrive on the Google search engine. 

If you don’t, then you’ll quickly be beaten by other peoples attention to their SEO, and that can cost you both the time and money you spent on creating that killer post!

So if you’re unsure of where to begin when it comes to updating your website, I’d say start with your content so you can start getting some eyes on your website again.

Your web design is outdated

The next thing I’d suggest you do is to update your design (or hire a designer to do this for you if you have the budget for it) 

Creating a cohesive and consistent brand between all of your platforms shows who you are and honesty, it is one of the first things that catches peoples eyes when they get exposed to your brand.

When your website is cohesive with your brand aesthetics to your audience, it will feel like they walk into Disneyland or another theme park.

Your audience are not just there for solving their problems.

They are there to get an experience!

And that first impression is important enough to determine whether they want to stay there for the fun you provide them or if they will get out and leave as quickly as they can without even having tried any of the rides. 

Do you see my point? 

Catch their attention, make it worth their time to visit your theme park and then they might be coming back year after year!

Your site is slow

Are you using massive photos or your site, or is your domain hosted at the wrong host?

Well, then it’s imperative to find solutions to these issues quickly! 

Nothing is worse than visiting a website, and the photos take forever to load, not to mention if the website’s speed makes it impossible for your audience to learn more! 

I have certainly been guilty of both things happening with my website in the past, so if you want a few tips, then here’s how you can fix it:

  • Resize your photos (mine are usually 500×800 in dimensions for blog posts)
  • Use another host for your domain

I’m using Siteground, and it honestly took me a few years to make that decision. 

I was so used to hosting my websites at another domain, but if I could have done anything differently, hosting my website on Siteground would be the first thing I’d change!

Your website has poor usability

Is it easy for people who visit your site to find what they are looking for? 

Or do they have to go through a jungle of lists to find it?

If you’ve heard anything remotely close to the last point, then you should get the creative hat on and see what you can do to simplify things for your audience. 

Have your audience and your ideal client in mind! You are the expert, so what do they need from you that you can give them?

Do this, and you’ll be well on your way to happy visitors!

Your bounce rate is high

If your website has a new visitor and don’t visit another one of your pages and they decide to quickly leave, that will leave your bounce rate pretty high.

If that’s the case, then it’s time to take a deeper look at what you can do to keep them hanging around your site and give them what they provided for.

Nothing screams a higher bounce rate than:

  • Having bad/old content
  • An outdated website design
  • A slow site that no one can load
  • A website that’s hard to navigate or find the things they wanted

So, take a look at your bounce rate for your website and make these changes first and see if that’ll do the trick to keep your audience intrigued for more!


I hope this guide was helpful and gave you some insight into whether or not it might be a good time for you to update your website! 

Remember. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

So don’t get overwhelmed with all of these things.

Just take things one step at a time, and soon you’ll have a flourishing, breathing and living website that’ll give you just as much love back as you show love to it!

If you have any questions you’d like me to elaborate on, then please share them below!

Your website isn’t an old wine that only gets better the longer you leave it in the bottle. Your website is a living and breathing organism that requires constant care to flourish and for your business to thrive and survive.

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