How To Manifest Money In 7 Days Using 4 Simple Tools

October 18, 2021

by Katia

SElf LOVE, Manifestation hypnotherapist & mindset coach

By Katia

Success Shadows™ & Trauma-Informed Coach + Hypnotherapist.

I help leaders heal their Success Shadows™ & create their dream life and businesses.

The thing is, money is a complex subject. Almost every human on this planet relies on money, so it is interesting how little we then discuss our relationship with money when we are all dealing with it.

But I get it at the same time. 

There can be a lot of sorrow, embarrassment, shame and guilt around money, and it is often why we then don’t discuss it with others because it serves almost as a part of our shadow selves; meaning, a part we often don’t want to show to the world in fear of judgement.

But I want you to know that this is a safe place, and I will let you in on some not-so-secret secrets around opening yourself up to the possibility of more money flowing into your life and how money wounds can impact your abundance level.

How I’m healing my money wounds

If you followed me on Instagram, you know that I have talked about my relationship with money quite a lot lately.

The thing is, my money wound is far from healed still. Yet, I was able to manifest 800 dollars in one week!

So if you’re sitting there now on the other side of the screen thinking, “this could never be me”, then I’m happy to break this to you; Wrong! And you absolutely freaking can! 

This money didn’t come from my work, a deposit, relatives, or any other source you would typically expect to flow in, and it didn’t happen overnight either. 

It came from an old parking lot I was renting for my previous car over three years ago (!!!) when I lived in Denmark. I still don’t even know (or believe) I have overpaid for my parking spot or whatever the reason was for this mistake or miscalculation. (To be clear: 3,5 years ago, I was living in a penthouse apartment, so a parking space was not exactly cheap either)

But what are the chances of me deciding and declaring more money coming into my life, and then one week later, I have almost the exact amount of money I wanted and an email telling me there’s some money waiting for me that was “due” YEARS ago. 

It just doesn’t happen in the same week by coincidence. It only happened because I ASKED for it.

Even crazier is that I was testing some manifestation tips and even though I 100% believed that it COULD happen, I did in no way expect it to happen.

So when I saw the money in my bank account after a week of doing this, I was quite frankly surprised. 

The initial goal was 1000 dollars, but I’d say $800 is still pretty damn close!

But this experience showed me, as I said, that I am still very much working on my money wounds (which I will get more into at another time because it is quite a story)

But some of the things I am doing to heal my money wound has a lot to do with the belief system, about being READY for it, NOT expecting it in return for something. But most of all.. declaring that you are WORTHY of receiving more abundance into your life. 

I don’t expect you to be full-on board by this before it has happened to you. 

But the most critical thing I did (and still do) to heal my money wound was to stop telling myself the same story of how I couldn’t make more money outside of work. 

I declared I was worthy of more. I applied the universal laws even deeper into my daily life. I decided not to be stuck in my relationship with money and was ready to receive more.

So if you’re wondering HOW I manifested this money, then here are my best four tips: 

Look at your beliefs & blocks

The first thing to look at is your beliefs around money. 

I am not at the income level I would like to be. I can be 100% complete and honest about that. 

But instead of me pondering over “why isn’t this happening yet,” I have complete clarity on why. It comes down to my beliefs and self-worth around receiving more, whatever “more” might mean to you personally. 

But I’ve prioritised healing this wound within me that keeping me stuck from hitting the income level I desire. 

Deep down, I know I have a block around receiving for you. In my head, it’s a lot to do with receiving = giving (or vice versa). I also have fears about having a lot of money again and “losing” it again. 

As you might know, I used to live in a beautiful penthouse apartment and have a reasonably decent bank account (over $200k), and then I lost it all due to several moves, a narcissistic relationship and my worthiness declining a lot after that, so not exactly the recipe for gaining more of it)

But I am healing it, and I am aware of this wound within me, and I’m sure you have your wounds around money too that needs healing, as I earlier mentioned, there can be a lot of shame and guilt associated with it. 

I’m also aware of my contradicting beliefs. 

Like I know what I dream about and want, but on the other hand, past experiences make you want to stay away from it because you deep down know that money doesn’t solve problems and doesn’t give you happiness.

So obviously, that doesn’t work either.

The point is, getting clear on your blocks is a crucial step.

Get specific about your needs & wants 

Now you know, asking for precisely what you need is another important step in this process. 

As said, I used to have over 200k in my bank account, and suddenly they were gone. To top it all off, my business didn’t make any money in my business for over a year.

But it doesn’t mean I was surviving forever. 

I was looking back, yes. It isn’t charming to be in that situation—no questions about it. 

But I was also very clear about the amount of money I needed to invest in myself in education, courses and training that would provide the knowledge that I needed to get out of that situation. 

Today, I have invested over dollars 20k into my business, which will likely not stop anytime soon because I know precisely the amount of money I want and need to uplevel my business and myself.

So whatever it is that you want, make sure that you also declare the specific amount you need! 

The universe only takes clear orders! 

Repeat (believable!) affirmations

If you don’t believe you’re close to being a millionaire, repeating a millionaire affirmation won’t help you. 

But it doesn’t mean that the saying “Where focus goes, energy flows” isn’t true. 

Whatever you focus on in your life is what will grow. The same goes for your mind, so make sure you focus on what you want more of in your life or surrounding you.

But it’s a fine line to master. Whatever you focus on is also something you need to believe CAN or WILL happen.

If you don’t honestly believe you can become a millionaire or manifest the 800 bucks, it probably won’t happen either. 

So what affirmation can you repeat to yourself that you can believe to be true?

Perhaps it is 10 dollars.

Perhaps you can believe the affirmation that you are worthy of financial security?

Perhaps your affirmation of focus could be that money is having a positive impact on your life.

There are many more I could refer you to, but I want you to find something that resonates personally for you. Something YOU can believe.


I have only one question for you:

What do you spend most of your time on? Is it worrying about money, or do you have faith that you’re being taken care of?

Now, I won’t hide the truth.

I’ve had my fair share of money worries.

I’ve been scared of ending up on the street a few times due to lack of money. Once I even had to spend a night sleeping in my old car because I was too far away from getting the help I needed after one of my many attempts of leaving an emotionally abusive partner. 

I realise, looking back, that I didn’t feel worthy of money.

I had no access or control over it.

So when the day came where I could finally leave for good, I was utterly broke, had to take a job as a maid cleaning other, wealthier peoples houses for minimum wage. 

But I focused more on what could be. Eventually, I got myself out of my mom’s house, into my little apartment complex and started building my way up from there.

I was focusing on what I wanted. Not what I didn’t have yet. 

That is the power behind visualisation and why I am sharing this story with you.

Because energy indeed flows where energy goes. 

And with the power of your mind, you can achieve anything you want.

Most people will tell you to visualise 5 or 10 minutes a day, and I have shared the same advice with you.

But if you spend most of your time worrying about an outcome, instead of having faith and putting in your energy to creating that outcome, visualising won’t do much.

So get clear on what you want. Keep focused. Take action. Visualise the best-case scenario, and think about your WHY of why you are doing all of this.


I hope these tips will help you overcome your money blocks and to manifest the amount you need! So let me know how it went for you! x

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If you have any questions, then let me know in the comments or write me an email! I’d be happy to help you further!

You know, the universe truly does bring miracles. If you had told me earlier this year that I could manifest more money, more specifically hundreds and thousands of dollars using the laws within manifestation, I probably wouldn’t have believed me either. But I learned something important this year, and I’m going to share it with you so that you can do the same.

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