Let's heal together 
and reach success

Just picture in your mind what it would be like to heal, let go of and transform your (subconscious AND conscious) mind, your trauma, your relationships, your business, the way you show up in the world and your money wounds..

That's exactly what you can expect. No fluff, no bullshit, no more wasted time or money or not following through on your endless unfinished courses or goals.

All of that will have changed on the other side of your healing.


3 years ago, I had just left an abusive relationship, had no job, no place to live and was very broke and lost.

But today my reality looks very different..

I have overcome a lot of my traumas, my self-sabotaging behaviours, made my business-dream a reality, moved across the ocean, found real love, and manifested my dream house and life.. ALL due to these 3 things:

- I learned to love myself and de-conditioned all parts of me who thought she wasn't worth of having "more" or IT ALL!

- I stopped playing small, started using my voice and showed up in the world despite my own limiting beliefs that "someone introverted and soft-spoken like me couldn't be successful". YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL BE if you heal these visibility wounds!

- Through trauma work and shadow-integration, I started to attract more and more abundance and opportunities that led me to the reality I'm living today!

i can help because i've been there!

Ways to Work Together

Looking for hands-on support? Then my 1:1 coaching program is for you


Want to have your biz/healing penpal in your back pocket for a month? Then my voxer support is for you!


Don't have much time, but want insane results quickly? Then my 90-min Quantum Shadow Healing Session if for you!





1:1 Coaching


As your coach, we will work together to heal your Success Shadows blockages, trauma, sabotaging behaviours and transform your beliefs in yourself and what's possible for you, so you will finally show up in your business as your amazing self and sign more clients, receive more money and getting opportunities thrown your way!


Want to heal yourself to reach incredible heights of success, whilst being fully supported at the highest level.


Voxer 1:1 Support for 1 month

How would your life change, if you could have a Trauma-informed, Hypnotherapist and Success Shadows Coach in the back of your pocket for 1 month?

Pretty drastically is the answer!

Together, I will provide you with unlimited hands-on 1:1 message and voice-note support to process your trauma, integrate your healing & take action on your dreams without the self-sabotage.

You will get direct access to the same high-value support I provide my VIP 1:1 clients with, that helps them move past their fears and blockages and allows them to truly step into the leader they dream about becoming and attracting the clients, money and opportunities that's available on the other side of this voxer-support.

Have your healing business bestie in your back pocket for a whole month!


Know you need support, but prefer a bestie in your back pocket you can reach out to any time you need support, guidance or motivation!

✨ 1 month UNLIMITED Voxer message/voice note support.

✨ Direct access to your own healing business bestie

✨ All the questions, support and guidance on your healing journey and business support

✨ A support system, a penpal, friend and trusting cheerleader for your goals, healing and business success.


What's included?

90-min Quantum Shadow Healing Session


One session is sometimes all it takes to get unstuck, overcome the inner battles and reach new levels in your life and business success! 

This session isn't going to solve all of your problems, as we both know there isn't a quick-fix for anything. But what I can guarantee you, is that you will walk away with a new light and clarity on your blocks, experience a deeply transformational healing session with me that will unlock a domino-affect on breaking free of your current obstacles and truly HEAL, so you can walk away forever changed and with action steps that'll take you where you want to go.

Together, we will make sure that you feel confident and equipped to handle the steps you've been feeling stuck with for too long. 

Break free from your self-sabotaging behaviours, heal your trauma and unlock your next level in just one session.


If you need quick, but transformational breakthroughs that cuts through the BS and dives straight into the core of what needs to be unlocked in you to uplevel yourself and your biz.

✨ 90-min session over Zoom.

✨ A transformational healing session allowing you to shine light on your blockages, break through and heal the root cause of the blockages and walking away forever changed.

✨ All the questions, support and guidance at the end of the session making sure you have full clarity on your next steps.

✨ Access to a support system, mentor and trusting coach to confine in with your deepest fears and roadblocks, with a zero-judgement attitude. You will have a 100% safe space to truly express who you are, what's on your heart and where you'd like to go.


What's included?

Having healed your past traumas that's keeping you stuck from attracting MORE into your life

Showing up authentically as your TRUE self to the world and in your business. No longer playing small!



Some of the results You can expect:

Walk away with a deep knowing and belief in your soul that you are WORTHY of your dreams and actually having achieved them!


Kick that imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, perfectionism, hustler-work ethic, self doubt and other self-sabotaging behaviours in the booty and feel confident to take action!



Is This Right For You?

You want to learn how to unblock & heal your traumas for more success

You have reached an income "limit" and need help getting to the next level

You Want to be more confident and start taking action without the self-sabotage!

you're ready To Attract and manifest your wildest dreams

you want to go deep within and be guided by a knowledgeable trauma-informed coach & hypnotherapist

"Not only did she help me understand where I needed healing in my present self, but she allowed me to uncover the truth behind all of my underlying mindset issues. She really took on board everything I was saying and made me feel very comfortable throughout. LOVED working with her so much!"


truth behind her mindset issues solved!

Yes, It Really Works!

Working with Katia was a complete game-changer for me. I loved how easy Katia was to talk to. She was so understanding and provided guidance without telling me what to do. I loved having someone that I could talk to about the struggles I was going through and not only did she understand my struggles, but she offered great information and suggestions too.
She was fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!


complete game-changer

*client wanted to stay anonymous

Before working with Katia I was shy and lacked the confidence to pull off an Instagram story. I was worried about how I may look or sound. Through working with Katia I was able to get over my self-sabotaging mindset and push myself to do my first Instagram story. I feel I was only able to do this because Katia was able to help me realize that I was keeping myself stuck, and she was there to support along every step of the way.
If you are looking for support with getting through your shadows and embodying your true identity Katia will definitely help you achieve those results.


Started to show up for her audience!

This 15-min assessment will determine if we are a good fit to work together and discuss your next steps to take for success!

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me @destinationbabe or at my email: contact@destinationbabe.com


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